Registration No: S61SS0064H
“Veda Nivas”, 108A Owen Road, Singapore 218915

The Sabha provides the services of Purohits for the benefit of its members and the Hindu community in Singapore. At present, there are three purohits who provide the religious services.

Our Purohits

Sri Kasiraman Sastrigal 9062-1549
Sri Suresh Sastrigal 9146-9473
Sri Anantha Padmanabhan Sastrigal 9271-1502


Sabha has two lists of recommended Dakshina rates – one for its members and the other for non members. 

Members: Click here to see the member dakshina rates.

Non-members: Please contact our Purohits or MC members for non-member dakshina rates.

Purohits will issue receipts for the full amount of Dakshina paid by the karta.