Registration No: S61SS0064H
“Veda Nivas”, 108A Owen Road, Singapore 218915


This event is open ONLY to SDBBS member families.

Sabha would like to bring to life the Navaratri experience virtually in the best possible way with NAVRATNA MALA

Using Sabha Vani as the platform, Navaratna Mala allows members to showcase their sloka chanting / bhajans / singing / dancing / instrumental talent of their young ones, either individually or in a group.

Each performance can be up to 10 mins (max) and has to be inside the house of the registrant. The performers should be 12 years or below and should be children of a Sabha member. The attire of the performers should be traditional Indian wear.

More than one submission from a family is acceptable. If so please submit separate applications for each performance.

We do not demand super-professional performances. We would love to see widespread participation with a lot of spirit more than technical acumen.

Please register your interest by logging into your account. Our volunteers will reach out to you.
The link to upload will be sent to successful registrants. Do note that the video recording should have a time stamp later than 7th Sep 2020


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