The Sabha conducts religious, cultural, social, and educational events on a regular basis. The events are conducted at the Sabha's premises "Veda Nivas", as well as at public venues around Singapore.

In addition to member only events, the Sabha hosts events where the general public is welcome to participate.
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Weekly Classes

SDBBS Veda and Sloka Classes

SDBBS Purohits conduct Veda and Sloka classes. They welcome you to take advantage of their vast knowledge and learn Veda chanting and slokas from them. They are also very interested in conducting sloka classes for children to introduce them to easy slokas that can be chanted on a daily basis.

Members are requested to take benefit of these classes. Sabha appreciates the support of members to keep alive the ancient Vedic tradition.

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Important: Please note that is a requirement that any student enrolling in Veda Classes must have had Upanayanam performed.

One-on-One Classes

SDBBS Purohits conduct Veda and Sloka classes for interested individuals on one-on-one basis - on suitable days at a suitable time to facilitate Sabha Members who are interested to learn them. Arrangement can be made with the Sabha Purohits at Veda Nivas for the same. Charges will be $150 per month per individual for Sabha members in relation to the Classes conducted at Veda Nivas. The one-on-one classes shall also be conducted at Member’s residences. In such cases, in addition to the charges mentioned above, taxi charges shall also be claimed.