Why you should become a SDBBS member?

  • Get in touch with your roots and members of the Brahmin community
  • Attend various community events and religious events organized by the Sabha
  • Get the Sabha Sandesh monthly newsletter which contains information on Sabha activities
  • Advertise in the Sabha Sandesh newsletter
  • Get  preference over non-members for attending Sabha organized activities
  • Get preference over non-members for pooja bookings and reduced rates for purohit services.

Who can become a member?

  • Are you a person of South Indian Brahmin Origin (can be citizen/resident of any country)
  • Are you above 21 years of age?
If you answered "Yes" to both questions, then you can apply to be a member of the Sabha.


Ordinary Membership   S$101   (Annual Subscription for an year. The membership is on a calendar year basis and will lapse on 31 December EVERY YEAR)
Life Membership            S$1515


  • Subscription for ordinary membership is calendar year based and membership will lapse on 31 December EVERY YEAR.
  • Members are advised to be prompt in renewing their subscription by making payment online.

How to become a member?

There are 2 steps to becoming a member

Step 1 – Online Form: Fill in the online form and make payment towards the membership. Read the next step before proceeding to the online form.

Step 2 – Emails of introduction from two current SDBBS Members 

We require emails of introduction from two current SDBBS Members (proposer and seconder).
Request your proposer and seconder to send an email to webmaster@sdbbs.org from the email account that they have registered with the Sabha with the following statement:

I support the application of <<insert your name>> for the membership of Singapore Dakshina Bharata Brahmana Sabha. 
My membership details are as follows:
Membership Number:
Contact Number:

If, for any reason you are unable to get details of proposer and/or seconder, please email webmaster@sdbbs.org


Your membership application will be considered by the Management Committee during the monthly meetings.
Generally, if you submit a completed form before the 20th of the month, you can expect an email from us towards the end of the same month.
If approved, an approval email will be sent to you and you will have access to member only resources.If not approved, the membership fee that you paid will be refunded to you.
The Management Committee reserves the right to reject an application without assigning any reason whatsover and its decision shall be final.