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“Veda Nivas”, 108A Owen Road, Singapore 218915

The Sabha

The Singapore Dakshina Bharatha Brahmana Sabha (SDBBS) was founded in 1924 to fulfil the religious, social and cultural needs of the Brahmins living in Singapore. The Sabha provided an able platform for the members to interact socially. It was later registered formally in 1949 under the ‘Societies Act’ when the sabha activities were revived after a brief period of disruption during World War II.

SDBBS has been one of the pioneer organizations of its kind to be established in this part of the world. The Sabha conducts various events throughout the year, that engage in promoting Vedic culture for people both in and out of Singapore. The main activities of the sabha includes performing pujas on various festivities and occasions, conducting Veda classes, promoting arts and involving in public services by rendering assistance to several organisations and temples. It also plays an important role in shaping up the next generation to carry on with our legacy and preserving our culture and practises.

The sabha employs well-qualified purohiths from India to assist the members in performing various pujas, rituals and ceremonies either at their residence or at business premises or in public places. The purohiths also conduct regular Vedic chanting and sloka classes, which has become quite popular over the years and more centres are opened to conduct these classes all over Singapore. The purohiths also provide vaideeka assistance to members residing in neighbouring countries such as Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

It is heartening to note that the sabha which began functioning with only a few members, has over the years witnessed a steady increase in the number of members. The steadfast support from both the old and the new members has paved way to numerous ongoing activities in the sabha currently.

There has always been a great demand by the various temples in Singapore to get assistance from the sabha to aid in their temple’s religious events like Laksharchanai, Koti archanai, Maha Rudram, etc.

Our Logo and Motto



The white circle represents the purity of Bhakti; the saffron circle represents the fire of Gyana; the yellow sparks represent the dynamism of Karma; and the blue circle represents the society.  The logo indicates the aspiration of the Brahmin community of Singapore to use the paths of Bhakti, Gyana, and Karma to attain the Paramatman indicated by Om and to contribute to श्री: (prosperity and auspiciousness) in society. The words “since 1924” indicate the origin of the long service of Sabha to the community. 

Motto -  वेदा: हि श्री:

The motto वेदा: हि श्री: indicates our firm belief in the path shown by the Vedas. The motto वेदा: हि श्री: defies a direct translation into other languages, but can be loosely translated as “வேதங்கள் அன்றோ செல்வம்” or “Vedas are THE treasure”. 

Key Milestones

60 Years

The sabha celebrated its ‘Sashtiabdapoorthi’ in 1984 with a grand cultural show, where for the first time, the senior sabha members were honoured. 

80 years

The ‘Sadhabhishegam’of the sabha  was celebrated in 2004 with four major activities namely :

- Maha Rudram

- Youth seminar in the august presence of Pujya Swami Dayanananda Saraswathi

- Dramas by Crazy Mohan troupe

- Grand cultural show by members and families in the esteemed presence of Singapore’s  former President Shri S R Nathan, who was the guest of honour.

87 Years

After a long wait since disposing of a residential house that could not be used for its activities, Sabha bought Veda Nivas in August 2011. As part of fund raising efforts, a Gala Dinner was held with Minister Sri S Iswaran being the Guest of Honour.

90 years

As a mark of celebrating the 90th year in 2014, the sabha started the “ Eka Dina Koti Nama Parayanam” on the auspicious day of Vaikunta Ekadasi with over 500 participants chanting 10,000 avartis of Vishnu Sahasranamam, making it to a total of chanting one crore namas in a single day.

Buoyed by the successful conduct of Eka Dina Koti Nama Parayanam, it has now become an annual event on the Sabha's calendar.

Management Committee

The SDBBS is prudently and sincerely run by efficient and able members who are elected to be part of the management committee. Our committee are a team of professionally qualified dedicated members who strive for the upliftment and unity among all the brahmins living in and around Singapore. The committee members are elected once a year.

The current committee members and their contact details are as follows:

Management Committee 2018-2019



Membership #

Management Committee Members    


Sri G Srinivasan


Vice President

Sri L Karthikeyan


Honorary Secretary

Sri N Anand Chandrasekar


Honorary Asst. Secretary

Sri Balaji Ramaswamy


Honorary Treasurer

Sri S V Eswar


Honorary Asst. Treasurer

Sri R Ganesh


Committee Member

Dr I Swaminathan


Committee Member

Sri S Krishnan


Committee Member

Sri K Sairam


Committee Member

Sri Raja Raman


Committee Member

Sri N Ganesh






Sri D Natarajan



Sri E Sukumar



Sri R Shankar


Honorary Auditors



Honorary Auditor

Sri R S Ravi


Honorary Auditor

Sri B Jeyaram


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