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Advertisements in Sandesh



Sabha accepts matrimonial ads and advertisements of personal or commercial nature for publication in Sabha Sandesh.
Personal advertisements could be for homes or other personal nature, where the target customers are Brahmins.
All advertisements will be of 4-5 lines.Clarifications, if required, can be obtained by contacting

The following are the rates for Matrimonial and Classifieds Ads in Sabha Sandesh.

  • Matrimonial- $15

  • Personal advertisement (Members) - $25

  • Commercial advertisement (Members / Organizations) - $100 (running text not exceeding 10 lines)

  • Flyers and attachments - $250

The Sabha provides bulk discounts for placing commercial advertisements in Sabha Sandesh. All the placements should be continuous without breaks.

  • For 12 placements – Discount 20%

  • For  6 placements – Discount  10%

  • For  3 placements – Discount   5%

Please note that the Management Committee reserves the right to edit and /or reject any advertisement request without assigning any reason whatsover and its decision shall be final. 

Procedure for placing Matrimonial / Classifieds Ads



  • To include your advertisement in Matrimonial/Classifieds column of Sabha Sandesh, please email the text to for consideration.

  • We will then generate an invoice for online payment of the charges using credit or debit cards.

  • Once the payment has been made, the advertisement will be included in the following issue if Sabha Sandesh.