Mandala Veda Parayanam-Day 10-Nakshatram-Moolam

Krithika Mandala Parayanam derives its name for the reason that the Vedas are recited during Karthikai and Margazhi and for 45 – 48 days which is called a Mandala.

The human year consisting of 365 days is considered to be a day for devas. Dakshinayana (from Tamil month Aadi to the end of Margazhi) is night for the devas and Uttarayana(from Tamil month Thai to the end of Aani) is day time for them. Margazhi is considered to be the Brahma Muhoortha for Lord Vishnu. The month Karthikai is the period preceding the Brahma Muhoortha which is regarded as most sacred, krithika suddha. Hence we worship the Lord through Veda Parayana during these two months which forms as suprabhata to the Lord.

The Vedas are considered to be most sacred and the breath of the Lord. It is the general belief that contagious diseases will spread during the rainy and winter seasons. The rain season ends with Karthikai and the winter begins with Margazhi month. The Veda Parayana during these two months will of course relieves the society from infectious diseases.

It is our privilege to preserve and protect the knowledge of the Vedas and its secrets. Mere listening to it will give peace and solace to everybody and the vibrations created by the chanting of the Vedas will eradicate all the pains of our worldly life.

Krishna Yajur Veda has 44 chapters and Purohiths will recite one chapter a day in the house of the member hosting the parayanam. The Sabha is continuing this traditional practice without break since 1991.

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